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If you are looking for dating advice for men, then you have come to the right place!

I am a normal guy, certainly no “Dating Guru.”  I’m on the fat side, shy, not rich, and of average looks – and none of that matters!

IMPORTANT:  Getting a woman to like you does not necessarily mean she’ll be attracted to you!

Yet that is the common belief.

In the next few minutes you’ll discover what works and what doesn’t. Read every page of this site and you’ll find what I learned the hard way, and have success far faster.

When I first started dating after over 15 years, I thought if I could meet attractive women and somehow get them to like me that would work. WRONG!

If you manage to meet a hot woman (easier to do than you think), becoming her friend doesn’t mean she’ll be attracted to you.

I’ve made this mistake many times. Compliments, regardless how genuine, buying flowers, taking them out to fancy dinners, and otherwise being a great guy – a gentleman – simply does not work.

By all means, be a gentleman, a great guy, but that alone does not equate to attraction!

Also, initially meeting women was not easy for me and we’ll go into how to do that, even if you are never going to walk up to an attractive woman and introduce yourself. That is ONE technique, but not necessary at all.

There are many techniques and places to meet women!

Remember: Being good with women is a skill that can be learned!

There are two phenomenal resources to shorten the learning curve I very highly recommend:

First, if you have had between very little to moderate success with women, Carlos Xuma’s Program is simply awesome – click the link below to check it out. It changed my life – for real.

Now even an advanced guy can learn A LOT from Carlos program above. It’s ot just beginner knowledge at all.

However to be a complete Badass with women, for the man who now has moderate to more success, Joshua Pellicier’s program below simply kick’s butt! Click the link below to check it out!

Joshua Pellecier, the author, has helped many thousands of men get better quickly with women.
Highly recommended and I wish I had checked out his Web site and materials sooner!

I’ll give some of the biggest tips I’ve learned below:

Here are 5 Critical Dating Tips

1) Being good with women can be learned!

It is a skill, and even if you have no innate talent, you can learn to become pretty good.

Whether you want one special lady to spend your life with, or want to (ethically) juggle several woman, or aren’t sure what you want, the same skills apply.

And those skills ARE learnable.

2) You need to be fun as soon as you meet them. Yes, first impressions matter a lot.

Skip or shorten the boring conversations like “where are you from” and “what do you do for work” that other men are having with them.

Men discuss facts, women discuss feelings, opinions, and thoughts.

Try questions like “If you could wake up anywhere in the world and spend a day where would it be?”

Ask them why they like certain things, even as simple as certain foods, colors, TV shows, etc. Tell them what you think – not facts, but opinions and feelings, especially in areas you are passionate about.

3) Your looks do not matter; but how you present yourself definitely does.

Hey, we’re men, and the first thing we notice about a woman is her looks. Everything else is secondary at best, certainly initially.

Women are different, what they consider attractive is not simply raw physical attractiveness AT ALL.

Confidence makes you extremely attractive to women! You build confidence with experience And yes, such things you may think are silly like how you are groomed and what you are wearing can matter a lot too.

4) Funny creates attraction, but women do not want to date clowns.

Some people may be born funny, but anyone can be funny.

5) You need to meet women in order to date then, using as many techniques as possible.

Try speed dating, online dating, encourage friends to set you up on dates, meet women in bookstores, coffee shops, grocery stores and more.

Remember, being good with women can be learned! It’s a skill, just like playing golf, fly fishing, and playing the guitar. And just a little better can be a whole lot more fun!

Two resources I heartily recommend are:

Thanks for visiting,

Harry Baldwin


16 Responses to “Dating Advice for Men”

  1. Fast Freddy

    Sep 15. 2013

    I remember when I found out that being good was women was a learnable skill and not at all tough! It was a life changer.
    Learned a lot from your site and from those you recommend.

    Instead of spending last Saturday night drinking beer with old high school friends, I had the company of a lovely young lady who seems to be crazy about me – not 100% sure on her yet long term but we are enjoying getting to know each other. And I still see my old friends a lot, I just have options now

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    • Harry Baldwin

      Sep 17. 2013

      Hey Fast Freddy, That’s great!
      Don’t abandon your old friends :) And take your time!

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  2. Balf

    Sep 21. 2013

    It’s so fucking scary to start bringing all the knowledge into reality if you’ve basically been living in your mancave for the past eight years.
    But the FACT that all of this is truly a LEARNABLE SKILL is really an eye opener. I don’t feel like a victim of poor social ability anymore.

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    • Harry Baldwin

      Sep 28. 2013

      Hey Balf,
      It was a game (or maybe life) changer for me when I realized that I could learn to be good with women.
      If a geek like me with less than great social skills can, than so can anyone!

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  3. Alex

    Sep 28. 2013

    Maybe you can learn to be better with women, but if you are average looking or worse (I’m average at best), you have zero chance with hot chicks unless maybe you are rich!

    At some point you got to face reality. I will never have a smoking hot girlfriend unless maybe I win the lottery! Why would some super hottie want to be with an average looking guy?

    It’s just common sense!

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    • Harry Baldwin

      Sep 29. 2013


      You are FLAT OUT WRONG my friend!
      Thanks for taking the first step towards improving how you do with women. I’m going to guess you have not had massive success in the past. That’s an easy call. I certainly didn’t either until a very few years ago and I’m still improving.

      You can’t apply what is “male common sense” to females – their brains, their wants, their desires, their social interactions, everything, is much different than from men. I also happen to think they are waaaaay cuter :)

      The first thing a man notices about a women is her physical appearance, whether she is physically attractive and how much. It is not the only thing, but it is the first and most important. Other things matter also: you’ve probably met women who became more attractive or less attractive as you got to know them. Attitude, interests, outlook on life, etc. also are important, but physical looks are number 1, whether that’s good or bad – that’s just the way it is.

      Women think differently and when it come to attraction, physical looks are ABSOLUTELY NOT the most important. Yes, they matter, but there are many things that are more important in determining which men they find most attractive. Confidence is very high on the list, and you clearly have zero confidence with hot women since you think they will never be with you.

      Attraction is not a choice. We do not choose to be attracted to certain women, we just are. It’s the same with women. They do not decide they are going to be attracted to certain men, they simply are.

      What determines who we are attracted too is largely hard wired in our brains, and the wiring is very different for men and women. For men, how hot a women is (i.e. purely physically attractive) is critical. For women, it’s is not remotely at the top of the list!

      See all those hot women with “less than hot” sometimes downright ugly men?? Those men are not all rich, not at all! Some may be naturals with women, a very very small minority. Most have learned to become good with women.

      You can make that happen and greatly speedup the process of being good with women by reading sites like this, looking at some of the other sites and programs I recommend, and TAKING ACTION. Use the stuff here and you’ll be amazed.

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      • Leung

        Dec 01. 2013

        Taking action, that’s the key. I’ve been studying Attraction and Pickup for about the last 8 months with ZERO results until recently.

        The reason why is obvious. Although I’ve got Xuma’s and Pellicer’s and Gilad’s and Wyant’s stuff and I’ve read every word on this site probably 10 times and much more, and I’ve digested and even obsessed over the material endlessly, nothing happened until about 4 weeks ago.

        Why? 4 weeks ago I started taking action. I’ve gone to 3 speed dating events, put up online profiles on 2 sites and am sending out messages almost daily, I’m asking my female friends if they have any friends I should meet, I’m doing some warm approaches (and they do scare me some still). I used to work at home – now it’s in the local coffee shop 1/2 the time where I might meet someone.

        Guess what? This stuff works – at least if you get up off your ass like I finally did!

        Sorry for the rant. Your “TAKING ACTION” got me going.

        Take action. Expect failures. Expect successes. Expect to have a better life!

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        • Harry Baldwin

          Dec 01. 2013

          Leung, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks

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  4. Hayley

    Nov 22. 2013


    My name is Hayley Mathis, and I’m the editor-in-chief of, an all-inclusive dating resource site.

    A bit about We launched more than a year and a half ago. We see 250K unique visitors and 500K page views per month. We offer advice from industry experts like Dr. Wendy Walsh, David Wygant, Julie Spira and more! We have been seen on CNN, FoxNews, HLN and others.

    With that said, I wanted to see if you would be interested in guest blogging for us!

    If so, let me know and I can send you the details. :)


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  5. tingerwoods

    Dec 05. 2013

    Yeah , I agree with the fact that guys should be kind to women they should be gentleman and be able to respect every girl they date. thanks

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  6. Mr. O

    Feb 28. 2014

    I believe looks DO matter. You should be well kept and clean cut with clean clothes on.

    If you show up in old clothes and hair all messy you won’t get very far, even if you have the best confidence in the world.

    -Mr. O

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    • Harry Baldwin

      Feb 28. 2014

      Like I said Mr. O, how you present yourself does matter, and that includes being clean and not dressed like a bum!

      Raw physical looks however are like number 9 or 10 or less to women, but at the top of the list for men. If a woman is hot, most of us couldn’t care less about clothes, jewelry, makeup (which I don’t like anyways), etc. To most a women, a man might have extreme physical attraction but if he is dirty and dressed poorly he is not perceived as attractive.

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  7. AJ

    Jan 30. 2015

    I’ve got to second the “getting good with women” can be learned. I’ve probably had more dates in the last 6 months than the previous decade, and it is because I decided to do something. To take action. I did some reading up on how to be good with women, bought two programs on it (one was awesome, one only so-so but it helped a lot too) and started taking regular action. I’m never going to walk up to beautiful women in loud crowded clubs, that’s just not me, but I have lots of women in my life now

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  8. Geo

    May 08. 2015

    After a long relationship that seriously deteriorated the last 5 years, I found myself single and somewhat clueless.

    I found that being nice did NOT make women attracted to me. Dinners, flowers, etc, are nice but do not lead to attraction.

    Getting good (or at least OK) with women is something you can learn – like you say, it’s not hard. Effective dating can be learned.

    I wish I had found your site 18 months ago! Awesome job – learning a lot here!

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  9. CC

    Sep 18. 2015

    This getting a woman to like you doesn’t mean she’ll be attracted to you is an eye opener! I always assumed they were the same, but looking back, “no way!” I was wrong all along!

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